Sunday, December 25, 2016

I Want to Know

I want to watch the sun go down and sizzle upon your horizon
I want to dance with the evening star rising with its peals of laughter
I want to taste my fate upon your skin and
touch the face of God as you inhaled me away to a distant planet
I want to stand witness as you breathed life into the moonlight,
and let me come undone and release a universe for you
as you have for me
I want to know you deeply, as deeply as dulcet dreams,
as deeply as Light into the cracks of my darkest hour
I want to understand how the bruised reed withstood
the honest rain

I promise you this, darling,
If the world would turn to chaos,
outvote us seven billion to two,
know, before our bodies are laid to rest,
before our bones have turned to dust,
we will have lived as we have loved,
where you, this perfect soul before me,
will live forever within me
as I within you
where the smallest details of our story
would tell of Great Love
scored indelibly upon our hearts

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