Sunday, December 25, 2016

I Want to Know

I want to watch the sun go down and sizzle upon your horizon
I want to dance with the evening star rising with its peals of laughter
I want to taste my fate upon your skin and
touch the face of God as you inhaled me away to a distant planet
I want to stand witness as you breathed life into the moonlight,
and let me come undone and release a universe for you
as you have for me
I want to know you deeply, as deeply as dulcet dreams,
as deeply as Light into the cracks of my darkest hour
I want to understand how the bruised reed withstood
the honest rain

I promise you this, darling,
If the world would turn to chaos,
outvote us seven billion to two,
know, before our bodies are laid to rest,
before our bones have turned to dust,
we will have lived as we have loved,
where you, this perfect soul before me,
will live forever within me
as I within you
where the smallest details of our story
would tell of Great Love
scored indelibly upon our hearts

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Truest Breath

I feel your words in your palm
a palm cradling a world that
glitters with promise
and where motionless lips beg me to listen,
and understand the whispers
of your voice in your arms, your languid legs,
the laughter of wild animals trapped in your ribcage,
where kindness radiated from the belly of our Central Star
and where wisdom from your bones vibrated into mine.

And thus began the Great Story.
Open your orchid mouth and from
your orchard I shall taste the sweetest
fruits of the spirit,
a spirit born from a joyful tempest.

Most run from storms, but
you are the storm I must chase.

From a cold clear sky I fell
and plunged into the deepest briny sea,
I became lost in you, so lost I knew
I was being found.
I am sick with a longing for you that
both frightens and excites,
our souls so close, yet bodies so far.
Know that your soul is a flavor I cannot forget.
Will you remember me and our intimacy of stars
rising in perfect light?

Forgive my salt and bones
and if you are patient
I will surprise.
You will always be my most lucid dream
and only with you have I drawn the truest

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Other Side

My Dearest Love,
At last
I have contacted The Other Side.
It is really pretty fantastical.
As lovely as we imagined.
No need to pack...won't need any of that stuff.
Grab my hand.
Hop aboard.
Let's go.

(photo by: Roberto Fernando)