Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Speed The Soul Electric

My Dearest Love,

Do not pull me from the wreckage
Let me close my eyes and see
your lovely liquid lines
everywhere and nowhere
before I sleep in your arms where
I will find the perfect moment
you came into focus.

Such is the nature of our secret:
Do not bury me between sheets
of waxed paper in a book.
I have too many miles before I sleep
in your arms
where I will listen to the dreams of lambs
soothe and quicken my pulse and
across ten thousand universes I will
Always recognize that pulse that is You.

Speed the soul electric:
And with our kiss you will consume my prayer deep
within your mouth and
I will taste your poetry of earthquakes
cracking my chest open and exposing
my reluctant heart to itself.
You stared beyond my lips and tasted revolution
(and realized you had been starving)
and you knew from every bursted cell in your being
you could no longer flee the God who Knows.

Speed the soul electric:
In the History of the World
it was said our love
had started the revolution
that would save the world,
a world which discovered
this love without measure,
and the heart of this soul
which beats alone for you.

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